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As you view and listen to what I call the European Evil Enterprise in Africa, anger is legitimate but do not allow it to obscure your reasoning about the way forward. As you will learn or be reminded Europeans in the course of exploring Africa, discovered bountiful natural wealth in Africa and people endowed with physical strength. The Muslim Jihad wars had resulted in the enslavement of conquered African tribes and engaged in enslaving Africans under conquest and often replaced African Chiefs by Arab invaders. Europeans during a period that lasted over five hundred years, embarked on capturing, enslaving, transporting, and selling Africans into slavery in the Americas and the Caribbeans. The victims were counted in millions and the number who ended up as food for sharks is not well known as drowning was a technic used to claim Indianization from insurance. This evil ceased to be private when abolition shifted the plan to the scramble for and partition of Africa by European governments and individual European monarchs like the king of Belgium. Instead of reacting in anger against this -- something you have a right to as victim --, it is rather wise to wonder what justified and continues to justify this treatment of Africans. After the abolition in America of the slavery that the Europen Evil Enterprise resulted in,  the American South resisted and fought the American Civil War that pitched the Southern against the Northern States. That resistance did not end with the defeat of the  South in the Civil War that ended in 1865. The South initiated laws called the Black Code to deny former slaves the right to American Citizenship accorded by the 13th Amendment to the  U.S. Constitution.


The Black Code was replaced by the Jim Crow Laws that introduced segregation and led to the Civil Rights Movement for which Blacks fought and died and are still fighting and dying. Segregation is now known in America a Systemic or Institutionalized Racism which manifests in the persistence of discrimination against Blacks in all sectors of  American life, the disproportionate representation of Blacks in America's mass incarceration -- 50% of the 2.3 million Americans behind bars are Black males -- and the consequent disproportionate disenfranchisement of Blacks through imprisonment in general and felony disenfranchisement in particular. The European plan of capturing, enslaving, and selling individual Africans into slavery gave way to the more evil take over of Africa and control over everything including the people. This, name colonization gave way to a more subtle and still more evil neocolonialism by which powerful states, multinational companies, and transnational organizations, and NGOs are concerting in the control and exploitation of Africa weakened by balkanization that has undermined the source of State power internally and on the world stage, that is, "We the People" to whom power or sovereignty is traced.      

We then come back to the question: Why did this calamity befall Africa and why are Africa's still being victimized? The answer is dammed simple. Any rich person unprotected is in danger from those who envy the wealth. It would be an illusion for such a person to depend on luck. Experience has shown African that living with wealth without protection is dangerous. The truth is that God endowed Africa with riches above any other continent on the entire planet, earth. Africans did not become conscious of the danger of living with such an endowment without taking protective measures. It should therefore not surprise anyone that Africans continue to live with wealth without protection. 


What is the protection? The answer is simple but, it takes wisdom to accept it and use it. The people constitute the protection of the wealth of nations. A simple example. The United States helped Europe to defeat Germany in World War I. Woodrow Wilson the President of the  United States between 1913-1921 proposed the creation of a world body capable of preventing a similar war in the future and the League of Nations was created. When Woodrow Wilson came back with the plan, the American People, through their elected representatives, Congress, rejected the plan and America was not part of the League of Nations.  It required  American help to end World War II which revealed the mistake the American people had made by rejecting the League of Nations. Franklin Roosevelt proposed the creation of the United Nations and the American people endorsed it, give the headquarters, provided funding and since then, a third world war has been prevented despite the cold war. States in the United States have placed the people, at the center of government. The people are at the center of governance in Britain despite the survival of the monarchy. Here, the monarch has been kept out of politics.  Even though to a less extent, Europen Union blends states with the people. There are no wheels to invent here. Africa will continue to suffer trying exceptionalism by operating without  the people and asking them to create wealth and suffocating them with      

The unavoidable way to it is the transformation of “Africa of poor and weak States” competing with richer and more powerful ones on today’s global world stage, into a more powerful and invincible “Africa of the People” in whose name and by whom self-governance is carried out.  We don’t need money to transition from the current Africa of States to Africa of the people from whom leaders and states gain the power to stand and overcome all adversities. When people power blend with natural wealth, Africa needs only four decades to have a GDP that makes her count in global decision-making with a population and GDP that surpass China in that horizon.         

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No one should be fooled by the insinuations that African Chiefs caught their subjects and sold to Europeans. Just ask yourself in what language and what currency the trade took place. The African enslavement process started with European capture of African using the guns and chains they brought along. They would not tell you that they enticed chiefs by getting them drunk using the strong drinks and drugs they carried along. Stories are told that Arab slave trade in Africa preceded the European one thanks to the jihad wars to Islamize Africa. East African testifies that Arab jihadist imposed themselves as chiefs over African tribes and became intermediaries in the capture and sale of Africans. Remember the jihad war that imposed Islam on Saudi Arabia started in 622 but the European exploration started by 1400.


The subtle implication of African leaders by European powers in today’s neocolonialism gives us an idea of how they could implicate African Chiefs in the Africa enslavement enterprise. If we lack wisdom we mistake ours for the enemy and start our own self-destruction enterprise with a civil war. Pan-Africanism was the momentum towards independence until we started fighting each other and give room to Europeans to transition from colonization into neocolonialism. Today the first against each other has taken a new momentum with claims of identity derived from French and British colonization, pretending that in two evils one was better, which one, the most segregated called “Indirect Rule”. We must learn the self-evident truth that “Evil is Evil”. That is what African enslavement, sale into slavery, the practice of slavery, the resistance to end it, colonization, and neocolonialism endorsed by China.       

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