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A wealthy Africa
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           Africa is Endowed with the Greatest Untapped Potentials Imaginable.  

           Rethinking and reshaping the Africa of the next four decades, developing aligned leadership, supporting their entrepreneurship initiatives in the domain of industry, mobilizing and equipping mission-ready people, is a call this generation and the next must answer. It is to that call that Vision 4D4 Africa has stepped forward to take up the challenging role of torchbearer. The time has come to end procrastinating the advent of the Pan-African Nation, the transition from the "Africa of States" to "Africa of the People" leveraging states, that has been the people's desire since we were assailed because of our wealth, our people captured and enslaved, our land, our wealth, and ourselves, targeted, shared, deceived, and our resources plundered.

       We, the people of Africa at home and in the Diaspora must stand up first.

         Stand up we must, first, as an honor to our ancestors; second, for our collective dignity trampled upon for centuries; third, as a duty to our own children to whom we must leave as a legacy, Africa aligned with the Will of God to endow her with more wealth than any other continent on earth; fourth, to achieve the Will of God thus, to endow "The People of  Africa" as much abundance of wealth as he endowed Africa at creation; and fifth, to contribute to the advancement of human civilization through increased creation of wealth and the demonstration that by leveraging the complementarity in differences and diversity, humans have the potential of greater shared collective prosperity and wellbeing than humanity has achieved thus far. 

        Africans in the Diaspora should be understood to mean: first, all African People from Continental Africa and her Islands, who migrated from Africa voluntarily and are currently living or studying in other continents; second, all children born of the above category of African Diaspora; and third, all people of African origin whose parents -- our collective ancestors -- were victims of the capture from Africa, enslavement, sequestration, inhuman transportation, and criminally sold into slavery in the Americas and the Caribbean. The Time to Rethink Africa is Now!!!

         All People of African in the Homeland and in the Diaspora, answer, therefore, the "Call of  History" for a journey to the procrastinated Pan-African Nation, The United African States (UAS) where "Africa of the People" Leverages the current States. 

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undue treatment of africa

Indeed, the dark ages of humanity gave room to the brutal and inhuman capture, enslavement, and sale of Africans for the sole purpose of exploiting their physical strength to the benefit of their European capturers and the American plantation owners who bought them. Thank God, progress in human civilization brought an end to both shameful practices. Even if the inhuman treatment of Africans as merchandise was succeeded by colonization, a more evil practice than what preceded it, owning the people and their land combining deceit and force, physical occupation is now of the past too.


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      We may deplore that the neocolonialism which replaced colonialism, is also worse than what preceded it: the enslavement and sale into slavery of our ancestors. Our mission here is to prove to humanity that "The People of Africa" can transition into the prosperity God intended for them by making their homeland the richest continent in the world; that they can do this by wealth creation that increases the wealth of humanity, raise human civilization to a level yet unattained, and contribute to shared-prosperity and well-being unknown prior.

   The time has come to recognize the self-evident truth that the devastations suffered by Africa and the Africa people have not had adverse effects only on Africa and the People of African but on all of humanity. The paradoxical poverty of the African people in the most wealth-endowed continent -- by inhibiting the people's creative capacity through the plunder of their homeland -- has contributed and is still contributing to the misuse of the wealth creation potential of humanity. The result has been the diminishing -- at any given time -- of the available resources for shared-prosperity in the world. This has been a major source of poverty in Africa as well as a major contributor to the immigration crisis in many Western countries, the very beneficiaries of the plunder of Africa. If the developing state of human civilization can explain the barbaric past, any intentional hindrance to the progress in human well-being today through the creation of obstacles for millions of people worldwide is unacceptable, inexcusable, and criminal.

    The mission history invites us to is to transition Africa from the poverty God did not will, to the wealth and well-being he willed by endowing Africa with wealth as he did at creation. There should be no place in Africa an African should need permission to go, and any African in the Diaspora should henceforth be in "Reversed Exploration" in search of what seed-resources to invest in Africa's people created wealth.  

       The Change We Must Make: Transition Africa from poverty to wealth in the next four decades (4D). This will require five things: 1) Train a new generation of leaders; 2) Support the industrial entrepreneurship of trained leaders; 3) Mobilize, synergize, and equip the people a) In the Homeland and b) In the Diaspora, for journey readiness; 4) Strategize for success and deal with obstacles; 5) Mobilize needed resources for the first four projects. The people of Africa have the needed resources. Click on the FAQ and the TAKE ACTION buttons to be directed on how to act.   

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While Africans should be at the frontline of their own development, support to the four decades journey to transition Africa from the current paradox of being the richest and poorest continent to a continent where her rich endowment aligns with the wealth of her people, can only be a service to God who blesses those who serve him and do his will. The time has come to end neocolonialism that reminds Africans of their painful past and prevents the world from accessing collective well-being. The time has come to start a transition of Africa from wealth to wealth that translates into shared prosperity. This operation will, without doubt, improve human civilization replacing the greed of a few that is hurting not just Africans but all of humanity, with shared prosperity and collective well-being. The world has become a global village. The movement of people away from misery in search of improved conditions is creating resentment and regression in civilization.

Click here and learn how actions within your reach culminate into a giant lever that moves Africa from poverty to wealth within a few decades of your lifetime, for your good, the good of all people of Africa and of  African descent, and the good of all humanity.

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